Faculty of Tourism



To conduct up-to-date and qualified interdisciplinary research; to develop innovative course plans; to provide student-centered, applied, holistic and high quality education; to cooperate with the tourism sector, society and international organizations; and to train future leaders, researchers and entrepreneurs for the tourism sector.


To be one of the leading tourism faculties in Turkey and in the world in terms of academic research, education, sustainability of the tourism sector and its projects carried out for the welfare of society.

Our values

HONESTY AND TRANSPARENCY: To be accountable to the stakeholders for what is done and/or not done with accuracy and without misleading anyone.

JUSTICE: To carry out activities within the limits of legality and fairness.

PARTICIPATION: To ensure that the stakeholders express their opinions and contribute to the decisions about our Faculty.

PROFESSIONALISM: To know about and apply our work requirements and responsibilities in the best way possible by observing professional discipline. To adopt the principle of continuous improvement in our research, education and community service efforts.

TOLERANCE AND RESPECT FOR DIFFERENCES: To be tolerant toward the values, views, lifestyles, and personalities of the people we work with. To be polite and respectful in our attitudes and behavior toward each other. Not to exclude differences, not to discredit or belittle them.

INNOVATION: To be open to new and different approaches in our work.

COMMUNITY ORIENTEDNESS AND COOPERATION: To realize projects that will contribute to the welfare of the community and tourism sector; to contribute to solving sectoral problems; and to cooperate with the tourism sector, public institutions, alumni, educational institutions and other stakeholders.

STUDENT CENTEREDNESS AND APPLIED LEARNING: To ensure that students take an active role in learning activities and to attach importance to applied learning.