Faculty of Tourism

Tourism Faculty Seminar: Internship and Work Opportunities Abroad


Organized under the coordination of Prof. Salih Kuşluvan, Head of the Department of Tourism Management, a seminar on “Internship and Work Opportunities Abroad” was held on Dec. 12, 2018 at Cevizli Conference Hall for the students of the Departments of Tourism Management and Gastronomy and Culinary Arts. The seminar was delivered by Hasan Örkmez, representative of the firm United Towers Overseas Education and Consultancy, who shared comprehensive information on working and training opportunities abroad and attracted great interest from the students. The seminar informed the listeners on the importance and advantages of gaining work and intern experience abroad in terms of career and foreign language acquisition, international work and internship opportunities, work and internship conditions, application process and requirements. Students learned from the seminar that in the US, students can perform internship at different tourism companies at an hourly payment of $ 8-12 or they can gain internship experience at Michelin-starred restaurants in Spain. Prof. Salih Kuşluvan stated that work and internship experience abroad in the tourism sector will greatly contribute to students’ foreign language skills, their professional and personal development, human relations, skills and visions. Therefore, he strongly recommended all students to work abroad.